Joey and Lauren

Weekdays 6:00 am 10:00 am


Joey and Lauren Jenkins grew up together in North Idaho and have since dug their roots in the Treasure Valley over the last few years. The Boise area has become their favorite place in the world and they feel so lucky to live in such an amazing community. The duo has become heavily involved in several community efforts in a variety of ways. Joey is no stranger to Idaho’s radio airwaves and has been with Iliad Media Group for a number of years.

Joey and Lauren have been an item since high school and decided to make it official and got married in 2012. They love to spend time outdoors hiking & golfing, playing with their two rescue dogs, going to the movies every weekend, and watching lots of reality TV! Their unique dynamic and undeniable chemistry will keep you entertained throughout your morning. Joey and Lauren will invite you into their lives and show you who they are both on and off the air. They are real people who listeners can relate to on a daily basis. Let Joey and Lauren become a part of your morning routine, weekdays from 6-10AM on 92.7 Music Monster