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Chris Brown’s Head Tattoo Complete

Chris Brown’s head tattoo went from being of just Venus de Milo, a Greek goddess, to two fighting bulls next to the goddess in just a few days. On Tuesday, he was seen with the Goddess on Tuesday, confusing us all on what he was thinking that day. Now, that he has added the bulls though, does it help clear things up for us?

The 26-year old has been inked up since he was 13 and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. If anything, he needs more space on his body at the rate he is going. He’s gotten so many tattoos that there is photo evidence out on the Internet of Chris Brown sleeping during a tattoo session. Amazing.

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Justin Bieber’s Look-Alike Found Dead

Widely known as Justin Bieber’s look-alike, Toby Sheldon, spent over $100k on plastic surgery in his lifetime. He did this all to look like the music star, Justin Bieber.

On August 18th, Sheldon was reported as missing and on Wednesday, was found dead. In San Fernando Valley, Sheldon was found in a Motel 6 with drugs in the hotel room.

There is no cause of death at this time, but LAPD has mentioned that his disappearance may have a connection to the breakup between him and his boyfriend.

Toby Sheldon was 35 years old when he passed.

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Chad Hurley llega a un acuerdo con Kanye West y Kim Kardashian

Como si Kanye West y Kim Karsashian necesitan más dinero, están en la mejor parte de una posible demanda involucrado con su propuesta en el AT & T Park de San Francisco. Los dos afirmaron que Chad Hurley grabó la propuesta de los dos y lo lanzó a pesar de que se firmó un acuerdo de confidencialidad antes de la mano.

Hurley luego pasó mixbit y publicó el video de la propuesta. Para aquellos de ustedes que no saben, Chad Hurley fundó y vendió YouTube por $ 1600 millones y luego llegó a crear mixbit.

En total, Hurley debe pagar $ 440,000 a Kanye y Kim en el asentamiento, o planear en continuar con la demanda.

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NSFW Music Video Released by Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind has released their newest music video, but this time it’s NSFW and it’s a sort of hat tip to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The relevance there is that the show is on its 40th year anniversary.

The music video was filmed while Third Eye Blind was recently on tour (Get Me Out Of Here tour) and has appearances in it by Chris Carrabba and Tara Perry. Carrabba is a member of Dashboard Confessional, a band that is celebrating Third Eye Blinds recent album drop with them. Dopamine is the name of that album and is actually their first album since 2009.

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The Weeknd The Latest Accused of Plagiarism

The Weeknd is the latest singer to be accused of plagiarism and this time it’s over his music video for the song “Can’t Feel My Face.” The video director for Majical Cloudz claims his music video that was never released has a lot of similarities to The Weeknd’s hit video.

Majical Cloudz has no issue with the similarities, saying that the video was genetic and that he considers the situation laughable. The director for the video and Majical Cloudz never saw their work come to light due to personal differences.

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