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Justin Bieber Cancels on Thanksgiving

If you were looking forward to enjoying Justin Bieber perform on Thanksgiving then we regret to give you this bad news. He has canceled his performance in the Thanksgiving Day Parade today. He canceled his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the 24th as well, so he’s doing a great job of disappointing his fans this holiday season.

Bieber’s reason for cancelling these two appearances was that he had a scheduling issue and could not show up for both. Now, there are pictures of him riding on his scooter and having a great time back in Los Angeles, likely causing CBS executives to be a little sour about the situation.

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Alessia Cara’s Debut Album

Alessia Cara recently released her album, Here, and she’s had great success with debut album. She reached the 10th spot on the Hot 100 for albums and while she’s not putting up numbers like Adele, she opened with almost 22 thousand when it comes to album sales.

Her unique sound and style is shown with her first hit single, which happens to share the name of her album, “Here.” People are calling the hit an “anti-party anthem” and it makes sense. The lyrics beautifully written and people are loving it. It’s currently sitting at number nine on Mediabase’s top 40 chart.

Like many other artists, Cara was discovered from her YouTube videos. She’s only 19 and from the sound of it, we’ll be blessed with her music for a while.

This Week in History

This week in album history has produced some monster albums, two of which we’re going to talk about today. Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez both have happy memories of this week in years past and their albums, The Fame Monster and For You.

Lady Gaga originally released an album called, “The Fame,” but decided to release it six years ago this week. The Album saw it get nominated for six Grammys, only winning one, Best Pop Vocal Album. The lead single off the album was “Bad Romance” and boy did that have a lot of success. It would reach number one on charts in over 20 different countries and hit number two on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Telephone” and “Alejandro” were the two other major singles off the album.

Selena Gomez decided to release a compilation of her previous work in a sort of “greatest hits” type album a year ago this week. The album included remixes of previous songs, some of her biggest hits as a solo artist and with the Scene, and even added two new songs. One of those new songs was none other than “The Heart Wants What it Wants.” That song would become her second hit to reach the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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Rihanna’s ANTI Tour

Reports are out that Rihanna will be dropping her latest album, ANTI, on Black Friday, so of course a tour is to follow. Recently she announced her 2016 world tour and told us all who will be joining her. Let’s get to the juicy details…

Travi$ Scott has the honor of being on tour with Rihanna for the North American portion of the tour while Big Sean and The Weeknd will be joining her while in Europe. Is it too early to book tickets to Europe? I think not…

The North American tour begins February 26th in San Diego and ends in Oakland on May 7th. She’ll hit all the major cities like Atlanta (March 9), Washington D.C. (March 22), Toronto (April 13), Seattle (April 24), and Las Vegas (April 29).

The European tour is smaller, but still packed with dates. From June 11 to August 12, Rihanna will be putting on almost 25 performances. United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are just some of the countries she’ll be visiting this summer.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Celebrates 30

Earlier this week, Carly Rae Jepsen celebrated her 30th birthday. This “Call Me Maybe” singer looks great (not that 30 is old) and continues to put out music. She just released Emotion in August and her song, “I Really Like You” had moderate success in Japan and in Europe.

Everyone knows Carly Rae Jepsen for her hit, “Call Me Maybe, “ which is actually the best selling song when it comes to digital songs. This song was the number one hit at one point in team in 18 different countries.

Amazingly, she has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. That is an astonishing number for someone with just three albums released!

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