Joey Bravo, aka “LSD” began writing creative literature way back in elementary school in Ventura California, later transcending into poetry. But it wasn’t till High School that he met his friend Justin Russel who began to show him the true art form of hip hip. All the four elements of hip hop were represented within his crew. This is where originally the name Los Filthy Hooligans came about.

Threw the years all the friends started their own paths in life Joey lost contact with most of them and moved to Idaho and became a Radio Personality. He came into a scene that was fresh & new. He began to search for others who shared the same interest of hip hop. Idaho is where he met a teenager that went by the name Yung Skillz. He spoke of his times back in California and his crew “Los Filthy Hooligans” and it was the idea of both to resurrect the name as a rap group becoming very successful in their community. They both have had the opportunity to work with artist like 2MEX, sOphia, The Untouchable, Brown Ecstasy, Street Empire, Arcturus and many more. Having Opened up for many artists such as 2MEX, Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, Akwid, M.C. Magic, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Capone-e, Keek the Sneek, Mike Jones and many more. Not only is Joey Bravo an emcee, but he is also Co-Ceo of R.U. Down Entertainment, Artist Manager, Promoter, Radio Personality & Program Director for the #1 Radio Station in the Magic Valley “Music Monster 92.7″.

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