Jay Allen

Jay was a radio freak at the age of 10 listening to Portland radio stations. He had every DJ and radio station in Portland memorized like some sort of weird radio stalker. He started a pirate radio station with his Brother Bryan broadcasting to friends around the neighborhood of Beaverton, Oregon – then later to Twin Falls. Jay started broadcasting on a real radio station at 12 years old in Jerome. He sounded like a little girl, but they kept him on anyway since he was good at taking out the trash on weekends and keeping the station on the air. His brother Bryan is now head of the computer security team at General Electric. His brother Todd is an advanced tech at Micron. Jay stayed in radio, because he doesn’t like making money.

Jay moved over to Television for a few years anchoring the local evening news and weather breaks in Good Morning America. The boss made him wear bunny ears for the Easter Newscast, then a Vampire costume for Halloween.

Jay went back to radio at KTPZ as afternoon DJ and the station tech guy.

Jay is still good at taking out the trash, keeping the station on the air and watching Dr. Who in his office all day while pretending to be really busy with important work.

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