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Movies Opening This Weekend – November 20th 2015 [videos]

The movies available this weekend may offer you and your family the best excuse to buy a ticket and leave the day’s problems behind, if only for a few hours. The latest Hunger Games movie explodes on the silver screen, while a ‘Law and Order’ thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. Imagine Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus in the same movie! #Horror, the movie will make you think twice about allowing your 12-year old daughter to have a sleep over, and there’s even a naughty Christmas movie the guys will love.

Enjoy the movie or movies you see this weekend, I always do!

Carol (2015)
Director: Todd Haynes
Stars: Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson, Cate Blanchett, Cory Michael Smith

If you love period piece romantic movies, then ‘Carol’ is the warm 2 hours of your weekend. Growing older brings sorrow, and every now and then unbridled joy. watch trailer]

#Horror (2015)
(NR) 90 min – Horror
Director: Tara Subkoff
Stars: Chloë Sevigny, Taryn Manning, Natasha Lyonne, Timothy Hutton

Based on true life events, a gaggle of 12 year old girls wander through cyberspace and social media in a night filled with crazy events. Think of a night of horror – just don’t be alone when you watch #Horror. watch trailer]

Legend (2015)
(R) 131 min – Crime
Director: Brian Helgeland
Stars: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Taron Egerton, Paul Anderson

Set in the UK in the 1960s, mobbed up brothers become the most notorious criminals in British history, and it’s an organized ride through the criminal justice system that will have you at the end of your seat. watch trailer]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
(PG-13) 137 min – Adventure
Director: Francis Lawrence
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson

This is the movie you’ve been waiting all year to see. ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2′ will pick up right where your heart left off, as Katniss the hesitant leader of the rebellion, fights not only for the cause, but for her loved ones. [watch trailer]

The Night Before (2015)
(R) 101 min – Comedy
Director: Jonathan Levine
Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lizzy Caplan, Seth Rogen, Miley Cyrus

Combine the movies ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Home Alone’, and you’ve got ‘The Night Before’. Three longtime friends begin a ritual Christmas party journey, knowing that their annual reunion may be over. Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus on the silver screen – Hey what could go wrong? [watch trailer]

Secret in Their Eyes (2015)
(PG-13) 111 min – Thriller
Director: Billy Ray
Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Dean Norris

‘Secret in Their Eyes’ may be the best movie of the weekend. Imagine ‘Law and Order’ taken to the next level, as a team of investigators discover that the daughter of one of the team is found murdered, and the group uses all their resources to solve this heinous crime. If you love solving crimes – this movie is a must see. [watch trailer]

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Charlie Sheen HIV Positive

Yesterday Charlie Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer to make a big announcement. That announcement was none other than the news that he is in fact HIV positive.

There have been rumors floating around about an “A-list” celebrity having HIV, and Sheen’s announcement confirms it. He says that he has never had sex without a condom or without letting them know of his condition.

Because he lives in California, Sheen could be in legal trouble if he did not disclose his HIV status to his sexual partner then he could face six months in jail.

This news isn’t a surprise to us all, as he has a known background of drug use and has paid for prostitutes in the past.

Gwen Stefani Cheated On?

It is being reported that Gavin Rossdale cheated on his wife at the time, Gwen Stefani, with their nanny. More crazy gossip has been spread around these two (and Blake Shelton) than any other artist in Hollywood recently and it just got juicier.

Rossdale reportedly loaned out $50,000 to Mindy Mann, their nanny, so that she could start a business. She started Pint Size Kids with help from that money and then the two became love interests.

This affair now seems to be one of the reasons why Stefani and Rossdale got divorced in August. They had been married since 2002, and we wonder if this kind of thing will make things complicated between them and their three kids.

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Nicki Minaj Being Sued

After the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight on May 2nd, Nicki Minaj was scheduled to show up at the Chateau Nightclub. She was paid before the show to perform two songs and to stay for an hour.

This isn’t how it happened though according to the nightclub. They’re saying that Minaj stayed 34 minutes and are suing her over the situation. They want $236,000 for the lack of time spent there that night. The Chateau Nightclub is also saying she showed up over an hour late as her arrival time was supposed to be midnight.

Pink Personality, LLC is the official name listed on the lawsuit.

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Jason Priestly Falls Off His Horse!

You would think that a rich handsome actor would spend his time being comfortable and safe in his mansion. That’s not the case with former 90210 actor, Jason Priestly, who is back in the news today for falling off his horse.

Jason was thrown from a horse this week on the set of his Canadian TV series “The Code,” suffering a concussion, and has been instructed by his doctors to stay away from horses and the production set until he recovers.

We remember that in 2002, Priestly was involved in a race car crash at the Kentucky Speedway; an incident that could have killed him instantly. “The Code” is about a former Canadian professional hockey player that turns in his hockey stick for a private investagators license.

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