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Celebrities Signing Anti-Trump Campaign

With the Presidential election heating up, many celebrities are really voicing their opinion on who they like and don’t like. They’ve even done this by speaking out and some have even sign petitions. One thing many celebrities have recently signed is the anti-Donald Trump campaign that is located on These celebrities hope that by signing the petition they can inspire change.

There really are some big names that have joined the campaign including Bryan Cranston, Neil Patrick Harris, Macklemore, Kerry Washington, Julanne Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Moore, Shonda Rhimes and Russell Simmons among many others. In total, there is rumored to be over 100 celebrities who have joined this campaign.

Whatever side celebrities pick, it’s nice to see them voice their opinion on a very important matter like the Presidential election. Kudos to them for trying to be heard.

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A New Blair Witch Project

In 1999, we were all treated to one of the scariest and creepiest movies of the 90s with the movie, The Blair Witch Project. If you’ve missed the movie then it’s time for you to get excited. What was originally being called The Woods was actually a secret name for the Blair Witch sequel. Directed by Adam Wingard, it’s something we’re certainly going to want to check out.

The movie plot is based around James Donohue, brother of Heather from the original movie and is set 20 years after the first movie’s plot. James and a few of his buddies head into the woods, but this time have some direction a few locals go out into the woods with them.

The movie is set to release in the UK on September 15 and looks scarier than ever. Those that have seen trailers and bits and pieces of the movie have said it’s as scary as the first.

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Movies Opening This Weekend – July 29th – 2016 [videos]

This weekend, Hollywood brings the latest and greatest to the silver screen for the whole family to enjoy. If you loved the Bourne movies from the past, you’ll love the latest installment, ‘Jason Bourne,’ starring Matt Damon and legendary actor Tommy Lee Jones in the latest thriller. Families will love Tallulah, a film that revels raising children is much harder than it looks, while foreign film fans will love this weekends offerings as well. Imagine a girl version of ‘Wolves of Wall Street,’ and buy a ticket for Equity, a movie that reminds us that greed and deception can be sins of both genders.

Finally, imagine you’re a star in the NFL who is diagnosed with ALS. Instead of accepting the cards you’ve been dealt, you chose to document your remaining days with a touching real life film that will sadly break your heart, but remind you of the human spirit.

Enjoy the movies this weekend – I always do!

The Tenth Man (2016)(2016)
(NR) 82 min – Comedy | Drama
Director: Daniel Burman
Stars: Alan Sabbagh, Julieta Zylberberg, Usher Barilka, Elvira Onetto

Ariel, played by newcomer (Alan Sabbagh) returns to Buenos Aires hoping to reconnect with his estranged father under the most difficult of circumstances. This drama has it’s light moments, but ultimately will make you ponder your family relationships moving forward. [watch trailer

Tallulah (2016)
(NR) 111 min – Drama
Director: Sian Heder
Stars: Uzo Aduba, Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto, Allison Janney

A messed up Beverly Hills housewife with a difficult child leaves Ellen Page to deal with the pressure as she runs from her motherly responsibilities. This movie will make you realize how loving your own mother really was. [watch trailer

Indignation (2016)
(R) 110 min – Drama
Director: James Schamus
Stars: Sarah Gadon, Logan Lerman, Tracy Letts, Ben Rosenfield

Set in the year 1951, a working-class Jewish student from the east coast begins a journey as a college student in a small Ohio college, only to find middle America not ready to accept students of varied cultures and backgrounds. Indignation will take you back to your own college days. [watch trailer]

Gleason (2016)
(R) 110 min – Documentary
Director: Clay Tweel
Stars: Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason, an NFL star with the New Orleans Saints has the good life He’s famous, rich, has a wonderful wife and bright future. Suddenly, he’s diagnosed with ALS. His outlook is bleak, and rather than fell sorry for himself, this real life hero begins to document his final journey with the hope of inspiring other with ALS while demonstrating how to fight the odds. This film will make you weep, so bring plenty of hope and tissues to the theater. [watch trailer]

Equity (2016)(2016)
(R) 100 min – Drama
Director: Meera Menon
Stars: Anna Gunn, James Purefoy, Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner

Imagine ‘Wolves of Wall Street’ meets ‘Little House on the Prairie’, in this financial femme fatale financial film. Naomi Bishop is our financial wizard who breaks the glass ceiling, but is brought down by the same sins her male counterparts have endured for nearly half a century. [watch trailer]

Bad Moms (2016)
(R) 101 min – Comedy
Directors: Jon Lucas | Scott Moore
Stars: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate

Hey it’s hard to be a mom. Sometimes you need to fly your freak flag at half mast and leave the kids behind. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate deliver the comedic knock out punch that will be the girl power ‘Hangover’ movie of the year. [watch trailer]

Jason Bourne (2016)
(PG-13) 123 min – Action | Thriller
Director: Paul Greengrass
Stars: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel

Our favorite clandestine hero Jason Bourne returns to settle the score in the latest installment of the Bourne franchise. Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones are brilliant in what may be the most anticipated film of 2016. [watch trailer]

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Hollywood Stars Getting Into Drama

Recently two big, but unsurprising names have gotten mixed up into more drama and even one arrest. It shouldn’t surprise you one bit that Lindsay Lohan is the one being caught on camera yelling at her fiancé, while it sadly isn’t surprising to see Katt Williams get arrested.

In a rather disturbing video, Egor Tarabasov, is being yelled at by the movie star. She claims that Egor strangled her. In the video you can hear her yell, “He just strangled me. He almost killed me…” She goes on a long rampage and kicks him out of the house in the video.

Katt Williams was arrested on Sunday morning on suspicion of battery while he was at the Studio City hotel in Los Angeles. He was arrested at 11am and was released on bail just five hours later. This isn’t his first time being arrested this year. He was arrested for disorderly conduct in March of this year.

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Star Trek Beyond’s Great Opening at Box Office

The latest Star Trek movie, “Star Trek Beyond,” had itself a great opening weekend, as experts estimate the movie brought in $60 million this past weekend. This movie is the 13th in the series and many think the series is continuing to go strong. Since this series “rebooted,” they have released three movies. “Star Trek Beyond” has fared the worst of the three by this point in their careers.

The second best movie of the weekend was “The Secret Life of Pets.” This flick brought in about $30 million, bringing its total to just over $250 million. Estimates say that the latest Ghostbuster movie and “Ice Age: Collision Course” only brought in $21 million, which was lower both had hoped. All together, the female-led version of Ghostbusters has fallen short of triple digits by about $10 million.

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